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  • Do you still offer Celtic & Irish specialty items?
    Of course! We have a legacy and brand here at Ascot and we still offer a large inventory of Celtic/Irish items for purchase. Singular, pre-made pieces can be found directly in our shop storefront for purchase. For larger orders, including items normally found in our previous catalog or offered at the trade show, please see our home page on the website and follow the picture to link. For the newest catalog additions, please see the menu bar under our celtic heritage header. The wholesale password is the same for both areas. We have some new styles available!
  • Can I buy team uniforms from you?
    Yes you can! From simple tees for your Scout troop or little league team to stylish business wear button downs for your sales team - we have it all for you and can customize it just about any way you would like. Stop in and see a member of our team or contact us for details.
  • Can I get my favorite sports team logo on a hat?
    Unfortunately, due to intellectual copyright laws in place, we cannot always offer national/international logos and emblems without violating this law. Please check with us and we will let you know if we have rights of production for your team.
  • Can you customize my favorite jacket or tee?
    Yes, we can! Please make sure your item is laundered or cleaned properly and bring it directly to our shop. We can heat press, print, and embroidery almost any item - blankets, hats, bags, and even jeans just to name a few. Let our in-house team have a look and they can direct you to the best color and application to enhance that personal item.
  • I just started my own business and need some shirts but I don't have a logo - can you help?
    Yes, we can! We now offer in-house graphic design. Bring your old logo, or just some ideas, and let our designer do the rest. We can create a logo that will sustain your business image for years to come.
  • Where do you get the vinyl stickers you sell?
    We make them right here! We have a wide selection of vinyl and can create almost any design right here in the store. From a small window cling for the truck to a full door graphic for your business, we are now a one stop shop for your vinyl applications.
  • I am at work all day and can't seem to get to you before close of business - help!
    No problem - we understand! Give us a quick call and we can set up specialty order and pickup hours that work for you.
  • Can you ship my order?
    Absolutely! When placing an order with us, please let us know if you would like to pick up at our Austintown location or have it shipped. We offer shipping across the 48 contiguous states.
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